• I decided to write today about British cars since I am almost packing for a London flight. The look of Austin Healey 3000 reminds me of Agatha Christie’s Hercules Poirot, my favourite detective, and the times I will never be able to experience.

    Austin Healey 3000. Blog by Lillian Love – international blonde VIP escort and independent luxury companion.

    What is most captivating in British roadsters is their sporty character. Mostly we will not find many horsepowers here, but this does not stop us from enjoying the pleasure of fast driving. The main merit is the lightness of driving in combination with the sport suspension characteristics. The simple and light construction of small roadsters meant that anyone who drove them just a mile on a narrow country road was fascinated. This explains the market success of pre-war MG and Jaguar cars.

    *Blog by Lillian Love – international blonde VIP escort and independent luxury companion available for international escort bookings in Europe and worldwide*

    The world was moving forward and a lot of customers complained about obsolete, sometimes primitive simple structures, which admittedly gave driving satisfaction, but both their comfort and performance remained much to be desired. Austin Healey who was famous for building light sports cars, decided to take advantage of this trend, creating a car in 1959, which became the best example of combining the idea of a small two-person cabriole with a powerful engine (for those times). Big Healey, as it was jokingly described, was based constructively on the 100-6 model. In order not to increase costs, it was decided to use the same body for both models, thanks to which the cars looked almost identical.

    *Blog by Lillian Love – international blonde VIP escort and independent luxury companion available for international escort bookings in Europe and worldwide*

    As it turned out, the steel frame, taken from the weaker model, which was equipped with independent suspension of the front axle and a rigid bridge on the leaf coil springs at the back, perfectly suited to transfer the high power of the new car. Under the hood of Austin Healey 3000 hit in-line six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3 liters and power 124HP. It was possible to reach a top speed of 185 km/h via a four-speed gear box that transmits rear-wheel drive. If you take into account the fact that the barrier of 100 km/h fell after about 10 seconds, and the driver’s seat was placed just a few inches above the road, we can be sure that the driving experience provided by Austin Healey was above average.

    *Blog by Lillian Love – international blonde VIP escort and independent luxury companion available for international escort bookings in Europe and worldwide*

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  • What exactly is a Girl Friend Experience or "GFE"?

    A lot of girls involved in various sex and companionship industries use the term 'Girlfriend Experience' to describe a particular service they offer. As with any service there will always be a great deal of variation in what is considered acceptable quality. For the sake of clarity I'd like to try and explain what a  GFE  encompasses and how it can Differ DEPENDING one who is it Offering.

    Most of us (even if we do not want to admit it) Some people need it frequently, others more rarely. A lot of people with limited spare time who can work in intense business environments. These driven people are most often the members who appreciate the convenience of the GFE.

    Some girls offer the 'GFE' option to indicate that they are willing to talk if required, and that they are available for dinner or movies etc. This is usually a superficial dating experience with cash involved. An elite courtean's version of the  girlfriend's experience is much more than this, and is not simply 'going out' together. It relates to a degree of chemistry and sincere application of interpersonal skill. A great 'GFE' will be an unforgettable experience and the escort shows a real interest in the gentleman with which she is spending time. She must have the ability to read the gentlemen's needs, have a personality of true depth and have the desire to get to know you. 

    Determining someone's unspoken requirements, preferences, cravings and state of mind is not straightforward. A high class short has the intuitive ability to feel your mood and respond accordingly. Whether it is lively and humorous discussion that is needed, a serious debate or simply being there for someone in silence, there are so many different emotional requirements. At times we do not want to share our troubles, but these are the times when we most need companionship. An elite companion is a person who can not only distract us from our daily routine, but is also a confidante who is supportive, can offer a new perspective and can be an objective and perceptive listener. 

    So ... what are the advantages of having a steady partner versus a series of random and one-night stands?

    A partner is a person who understands us, and makes an effort to follow and take an interest in similar pursuits- a person who does not know who we are, but that is sufficient to understand exactly what we do. If this steady partner is also sexually attractive, intelligent and reasonably modest then you are doing pretty well. Intentionally seeking out, meeting up, and getting rid of countless prospects, and then having to diligently maintain this kind of relationship with such a person, and willingness to expend. The traditional alternative to the long-term relationship is one of a kind, which is unfulfilling, boring and often very disappointing. 

    I hope I have some insights into the nature of the Girlfriend Experience, and some of the differences between authentic and mediocre GFE's.

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